About the publication.

IT MEANS NOTHING TO ME (OH, VIENNA) asks for an almost long forgotten task – to look closer at the ordinary features of the city. Two perspectives are working together to give an image to a city. On one hand it is the view of an old eye, already used to the city but still finding unique features. On the other hand a fresh point of view shows a new side to seemingly insignificant scenes.

About the photographers.

Virginia de Diego is a spanish visual artist and her works feature photography, sculpture and conceptual research, with a focus on social, aesthetical and historical topics. Niko Havranek is a viennese photographer with a dedication to finding the special and unique in ordinary sceneries – one of his special interests is street photography.

Hard Facts.

_ 80 pages
_ Hardcover with Blind Embossing
_ Size: 22 x 26 cm
_ Limited edition of 150
_ ISBN: 978-3-9504596-2-3


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